Project Description

Regeneration and upgrading of Alimos Marina (938_4520)

2020 to date



Following an international competition launched by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF), Group of companies AKTOR was awarded with the concession project for the exploitation of Alimos Marina for 40 years. The investments of the Concessionaire during the forthcoming 5 years will regenerate and renovate Alimos Marina converting it to a top level tourist port. In addition to the radical upgrade of the existing port infrastructure and the boat deposition / maintenance activity, the development includes the regeneration / upgrading of the land side of the marina through the construction of 18,500 sq.m. building facilities and the configuration of an environment of high aesthetics. The aim is to create a tourism and leisure pole that will include green and promenade zones, leisure and dining areas, shops, hotel facilities, offices, playground, outdoor event areas, etc. With its planned upgrade, the Alimos marina is expected to highly contribute to the rise of the Athenian Riviera.

Services provided :

  • Functional design of Alimos Marina accesses / gates to / from Poseidonos Ave., including the re-design of the western gate of the site in order to improve the operation and the level of safety of the junction, taking into consideration the connection of the existing gas station, as well as the re-design of the eastern gate of the site, introducing a left turn lane at the eastern approach of Poseidonos Ave. to accommodate northbound entrance to the site
  • Functional design of the internal road network for all categories of vehicles according to the needs of the redevelopment
  • Reconfiguration of parking zones to allocate a total of 900 parking spaces within the site
  • Functional design of the pedestrian / bicycle corridor along the northern side of the site, as described in the pertinent PD of Alimos Marina Development as well as in the PD specifying the protection zones of the Coastal Front (PD 254D/2004).
  • Structural concept design of a covered parking zone to accommodate approx. 200, out of 900, parking spaces