About Us

DROMOS Consulting is one of the leading independent consulting organisations in Greece providing expertise in the areas of Development, Planning, Engineering and Project Management.

Established in 1980, currently employs high caliber staff with experience in a wide range of services related to the fields of regional/urban transportation planning, feasibility studies, transport infrastructure, engineering design (highways, railways, airports/ports), area-wide traffic planning, engineering and management and civil/traffic design of site developments.

Latest technology systems and software packages, coupled with application of state-of-the art methods to solve complex planning  and  engineering problems within a  top  quality working environment  provided  at  the  recently  constructed  self-owned premises, secure  the optimum conditions for high quality and timely delivery of complex multidisciplinary  projects.

DROMOS Consulting has long experience in strategic plans for the development of nation-wide transportation infrastructure and has developed its own transport models, calibrated to the local conditions, for travel forecasting and evaluation of transport priorities at both the urban and the regional level.

It has gained vast experience in engineering design of  transport facilities having  participated in most of  the principal Hellenic projects of the last two decades, as well as international projects. It has also considerable experience in operational and management issues of transport systems, as well as in tolling strategies.

DROMOS Consulting provides quality professional services in a creative, innovative and cost efficient manner to meet the clients’ needs. The consulting services offered are responsive to the challenges set and give value for money in both the short and the long run. Working closely with its clients secures comprehension of each project particular needs. The unique experience, the professional skills and the knowledge coupled with the utmost rigour and the close collaboration within  multidisciplinary working teams, features the quality of services offered and justifies the leading position of DROMOS Consulting and its high international reputation.

The European Commission, International Funding Organisations, Banking Institutions, State and Local Governments, major contracting consortia, multinational companies, real estate developers and public or private bodies related to the Transport Sector are among the clients of DROMOS Consulting.