Project Description

Planning, design, financing, construction and operation of 5 major motorway projects of the Urban Toll System of the Attica Region (316)

1991 -1996

Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works


A 105 Km long network of urban motorways of Athens Metropolitan Area, including 52 interchanges, 6 toll plazas and 38 toll stations and a 47 km long railway corridor incorporated within the right of way of the motorway to be tendered for construction under four separate concession contracts as follows:

  • Athens City External Peripheral Motorway from Elefsis to the new Athens Airport, including the Imittos Mountain Western Peripheral Motorway Spur and the Egaleo Mountain Western Peripheral Motorway Spur, totaling 70 kms of 4 to 8 lanes motorway segments, bypassing the Central Athens District from the north. The motorway provides connection between the central urban area, the western industrial area and the eastern coastal zone and the plain of Mesogia, where the new Athens International Airport is located. It also provides connection between the northern and the western intercity motorway corridors. The project has already been constructed and is currently in full operation. The last segment of the motorway has been delivered in May 2004.
  • Athens International Airport new 17 km motorway connection with the central urban area, through the Imittos tunnel four lane freeway, including its connection with the Imittos western peripheral motorway.
  • Salamina island 2,2 km long underwater tunnel connection with mainland Attica region, including a 5 km long connection with Aegaleo western peripheral motorway.
  • Kimis motorway, providing a 5,5 km long connecting of the Athens city external peripheral motorway with the northern city corridor, including 1,3 km long tunnel segment.

Services provided:

  • Conceptual planning and functional design, both horizontal and vertical, of the whole 105 km long network including the 52 interchanges.
  • Traffic demand forecasting, through the development and implementation of a strategic traffic model of the Metropolitan Area. Elaboration of traffic forecasts upon alternative scenarios of network infrastructure development, railway network expansion and tolling policies.
  • Preparation of design standards and studies specifications.
  • Supervision of design works and design review of geometric design of motorways, interchanges and frontage roads, utility networks, drainage systems, structural design of tunnels, bridges, retaining walls, and hydraulic structures, geological and geotechnical investigation works, environmental impact studies,
  • Preparation of technical specifications, tender and contract documents.
  • Technical support to the project owner in the evaluation of tenders submitted by the candidate concessionaire groups.
  • Technical support to the client throughout the works tendering process, including the period of drafting and negotiation of the concession contract.