Project Description

Smart Park Shopping Mall (631)

2006 – 2008
2014 – 2018



Development in two stages of a 45.000m2 mall across greenfield area in Spata, Attica, an urban conurbation 20kms from the city center of Athens and in the vicinity of the Athens International airport. The plot lies in an agricultural area recently included in the city plan of Spata at a distance of 500m from the Athens – Rafina branch of the Athens Ring Road, providing easy access to the property. The plot has a total area of around 23.500m2 and is developed to a commercial center and shopping Mall of a total floor area of 45.100m2 and a variety of uses, 1 hypermarket, multi-shop units, retail units, restaurants/cafeterias and office spaces.  A total of 2.850 parking stalls are constructed at 2 underground levels, at ground level and at the terrace level.

The provided services included the functional and geometric design of the parking areas and of the internal circulation system, the capacity analysis of intersections and broader road network analysis.

The consultant supported the approval of the TIS by the responsible authorities. He also participated in meetings with the other consultants (property developers, architects, E/M Engineers, environmentalists etc.).

The project has been constructed and is under operation.

Services provided :

  • Functional design of the access system and the parking areas. The study includes the functional design of the center’s access and internal circulation system, as well as special provisions for supply vehicles. The parking stalls are developed at 3 levels, as follows: 420 stalls ground level, 650 stalls at terrace level and 1.780 stalls in level –1.
  • Traffic Impact Study. Elaboration of the Traffic Impact study, based on the development of the broader area. Identification of main arrival routes and accessing of the center, as well as main departure routes. An analytical approach for the calculation of the level of service of critical junctions of the adjacent road network, both with and without the centre during traffic peaks, is implemented to determine the required traffic arrangements and counter-measures.