Project Description

New stadium of the Larissa Athletic Union (614)

2005, 2009 – 2010



The project refers to the construction of the new Larissa soccer stadium seats and other athletic, commercial, cultural and recreational installations. The stadium will be developed at the site of the existing Athletic Center located at the west side of the city (Neapolis area). The total floor area of the athletic installations will be 9.420 m2 and the stadium will have a capacity of 19.270 seats. The soccer field is developed at ground level while the other athletic activities are developed under the gradins.

The new athletic center will include supporting installations as athlete halls, spectator reception halls, offices, press rooms, security rooms, suites, open-air theater and cinemas, an athletic hostel, shopping units and tennis courts. Parking areas for the above activities are developed at ground level with a total capacity of 1.300 stalls (35 buses).

Services provided :

  • Identification of the optimal access system to the stadium in relation to the road network of the broader area.
  • Determination of an effective entry/exit system of the center and spatial planning of the surrounding area of the stadium.
  • Determination and functional analysis of the center’s internal circulation and parking system.
  • Traffic Impact Study including: identification of main arriving and departing routes, determination of required parking spaces, capacity analysis of adjacent critical road junctions, formulation of proposals for traffic rearrangements and counter measures for the relief of traffic congestion and minimization of traffic delays.