Project Description

New Retail development at Kifisou Ave. and Lenorman interchange (888)

2018 to date



Functional design of the vehicular access system, the internal traffic circulation system, the parking areas and the trucks docking and manoeuvring aprons in close cooperation with the architectural team:

  • Coordination with the Architectural team for the development and evaluation of alternative layouts of the installation within the context of optimization of both the road access system and the internal circulation parking system
  • Functional and geometric design of the internal circulation system, with distinct treatment of clients’ vehicles, service vehicles and supply vehicles
  • Functional and geometric design of supply vehicles aprons and truck manoeuvring for each loading/unloading dock and parking apron, on the basis of the appropriate design vehicle, defined in coordination with the Client and the Architectural team.

Traffic Impact Study (TIS)

  • Determination of the immediate impact area on the city traffic system
  • Collection of available traffic flow data at the main road axes to be affected by the operation of the complex
  • Traffic counts on critical nodes of the immediate impact area
  • Estimation of the minimum number of parking spaces required to comply with the pertinent building code legislation.
  • Estimation of vehicular trips generated by the complex
  • Assignment of the additional traffic volumes generated by the complex on the urban arterial network of the immediate impact area.
  • Traffic Impact Analysis (calculation of the level of service at critical intersections during peak hours before and after the operation of the complex). Design of recommended remedy – improvement actions if required.
  • Final Report to be submitted to the pertinent authorities for approval
  • Technical support (presentations, discussions etc) and follow-up for the approval of the study.

Horizontal geometric design of Irous str. traffic calming configuration, to be submitted to the pertinent authorities (Municipality, Urban Plan Authority etc.), as an accompanying proposal for privately funded traffic management scheme along with the submission of the building permit application