Project Description

New football stadium “G. KARAISKAKIS” (558)

2003 – 2004



The project refers to the demolition of the existing soccer stadium of Olympiakos F.C. and the construction of a new soccer stadium and supporting installations in a 76.626 m2 plot in the Nea Faliron area of Piraeus. The building installations of the stadium include the soccer field with the spectator areas (gradins), supporting areas for athlete’s preparation, warming up gymnasium, medical and first aid halls, commercial spaces and offices, sauna, locker rooms, E/M and storage spaces etc.

The broader area is mainly an athletic installations area, with some manufacture, commercial uses and office spaces, while east of the stadium there is a mainly residential area with retail shops at the ground level of the buildings.

Parking areas for the stadium are developed at ground level. The total capacity of the parking areas is 1.126 stalls. The parking facilities have access and egress by 4 entry and exit gates. The first gate has 2 exit lanes, the second has 2 entrance lanes, the third has 1 entrance lane and the forth 1 exit and 1 entrance lane.

Services provided :

  • Identification of the optimal access system to the stadium in relation to the road network of the broader area.
  • Review of the programmed traffic interventions in the area.
  • Determination of an effective entry/exit system of the stadium.
  • Determination and functional analysis of the stadium’s internal circulation and parking system.
  • Functional, preliminary and final design study of parking areas and proposals for traffic arrangements.
  • Drainage and sewage study at the implementation level.