Project Description

New cement factory in Montenegro (690)

2008 – 2009

Μοntenegro Cement Factory


The project referred to the development of a new cement factory near the town of Plevjlia, Montenegro, anticipated to take advantage of the availability of clay raw material.

The land designated by special decree as industrial zone for the construction of the factory is very close to the clay damping of the neighbouring coal mine site, extended across the natural bank of a valley. The slope of the bank is very steep for the purpose of constructing an industrial installation and it has therefore to be organized in successive escalated levels. An additional constraint is the quality of the excavated material that is inappropriate for embankment construction and should therefore be minimized in terms of volumes to be transported and damped. Similarly, embankment volumes should be kept to a minimum in order to minimize transportation from borrow pits. Leveling and internal arrangements should also provide smooth slope ramps between levels to operate under frost winter conditions. The site is at the highest point of the valley which at the low connects with the natural network of streams ending at the reservoir of a dam used between others for potable water supply; for this reason surface storm-water drainage from the site should be collected and treated before disposed downstream.

The assignment included all civil works of the site i.e.:

  • Leveling in coordination with the production line constraints
  • Internal transportation system for heavy vehicles importing raw material (dampers) and exporting final product
  • Storm-water drainage, collection and treatment
  • Sewage network and sewage treatment
  • Road connection to the national road along with grade separated interchange