Project Description

Hotel Unit in Mertziki area, Samos island (673)




Study for the development of a five star resort – hotel unit, in a total area of 84.000m2 , with a capacity of 726 beds, in Paleokastro, in Vathi Municipality of Samos island. To hotel consists of autonomous furnished bungalows, in combination with communal dining, recreation, athletics, swimming and small boat mooring settlements.

Services Provided :

  • Support of the Architectural team in the formulation of the Masterplan
  • Study for the connection of the unit with the national road network (preliminary study, pre-study and implementation study)
  • Internal circulation and access road network and parking study
  • central access, feed and marina network
  • road circulation network for special vehicles and occupants’ access
  • parking areas (preliminary study, pre-study and implementation study)
  • Flood protection and storm-water drainage study (preliminary study, pre-study and implementation study).
  • Environmental Impact Pre-study and Final Study