Project Description

Commercial mall at Eleonas Area (715)

2009 – 2011



The commercial center under study involved an area of 60.000 m2 and underground parking spaces with a capacity of 2300 vehicles. The traffic impact analysis incorporated the traffic generated by the development of a soccer stadium, a basketball hall and a multifunctional center in an area of 15 Ha at Votanikos Region.

Services provided:

  •  Investigation of the accessibility of the complex area, based on the scenario of minimum road projects in the area, which were auctioned by the Ministry and have been assigned to construction
  • Analysis of access routes and identification of the additional traffic load (from the operation of complex) influence zone in the neighboring urban road network
  • Collection and processing of available traffic data in major roads that will be affected significantly by the operation of complex
  • Recording of functional characteristics of the existing circulation system (number of lanes, signaling programs , priority junctions etc)
  • Estimation of the potential demand access routes
  • Calculation decisive peak traffic (peak traffic inbound – outbound)
  • Determination of the effects of the operation of the complex in the level of service of the affected road network (calculation of the level of service and delays at critical junctions during peak hours before and after the operation of the complex) – Impact on the operation of public transport etc.
  • Proposing measures to reduce traffic impact and traffic management measures for improving the capacity of critical junctions of the affected adjacent road network