Project Description

Asteria Glyfadas Resort (904)

2019 to date

Nafsika S.A.


The project deals with the reuse of the Resort “Asteria Glyfadas” which is located on an area of 27.2 ha in Glyfada, Attica, following regeneration and upgrading of the existing buildings, landscape and infrastructures within the site, in order to create a 5 star, high quality, Resort with 400 beds and 14 luxury residences of 21.540 m2 total GFA.

Services provided:

Access System Study: Investigation and evaluation of other existing traffic studies concerning the area in the vicinity of the project, evaluation of the existing access system of the site, identification of possible improvements of the existing access system or supplements with additional connections between the site and Poseidonos Ave., identification of the required reconfiguration of the internal road network in compatibility with the proposed access system. Functional design of Resort’s new gates layout as well as elaboration of signaling program for left turn ingress to the site from southern Poseidonos Ave. (Object 2a)

Finalization of Master Plan: Functional design of the vehicular traffic circulation and parking within the site per category of vehicle as well as development of pedestrian routes among various activities, in cooperation with other technical consultancy disciplines and in compatibility with the approved Environmental Impact Study. Reconfiguration of parking zones and of respective internal roads for the allocation of approx. 460 parking spaces.

Preparation and provision of Traffic Impact Study, based on the final Master plan and for the purposes of local planning permissions, as well as provision of technical support for the approval by the responsible Authorities.

Geometric Design of the internal road network and parking zones: Final design of the internal road network and parking zones within the site, according to the Final Master Plan

Identification and dimensioning of the existing storm water drainage system, utilizing robotic cameras, in order to check its condition and functionality for incorporating to the final storm water network of the Resort.

Pre-study of storm water drainage system for the permitting stage of the project, according to the final Master plan and in compatibility with other MEP network and landscape design.

Final design of storm water drainage system, in compatibility with object B2 as well as with the Architectural, MEP and Landscape studies