Project Description

Road Safety Audit
of Concession Projects Ionia Odos Motorway and Motorway of Central Greece (820, 831)




Road Safety Auditor to the sub-Constructor TERNA S.A. for Hellenic Motorways Concession Projects (TEN’s HELLAS Group) Ionia Odos Motorway and Motorway of Central Greece. Construction of Concession Projects commenced on 2008 and currently several sections are already constructed. Engineering design is almost complete for the whole of the projects.

Ionia Odos Motorway traverses West Greece Prefecture connecting Rion – Antirrion Bridge to Egnatia Odos in North Greece. It features 155km of new motorway segments in addition to 232km of upgrading, operation and maintenance of existing / under construction motorway segments (IONIA ODOS: Agrinio and Arta bypasses 52km, PATHE: Metamorfosi – Skarfeia 170km, Shimatari – Xalkida 10km).

Motorway of Central Greece connects Egnatia Odos to PATHE Motorway featuring 196km of new motorway segments.

According to the assignment Road Safety Audits shall be compliant to the British standards HD 19/03.  Aim of the study is the evaluation of highway schemes during design (stages 1 and 2) for identification of the potential road safety issues that may affect users of the highway and for recommendation mitigation measures. Road Safety Audits are conducted for the following sections of Ionia Odos Motorway and Motorway of Central Greece:

(a) Ionia Odos Motorway: CH 0+158 – 55+600, CH 76+272 – 129+632, CH 146+059 – 170+000 and CH 170+000 – 196+000, a total length of 159 km.

(b) Motorway of Central Greece: CH 31+000 – 111+500 and connecting road to Xyniada of 7.80 km length, a total length of 89 km.

Services provided :

  • Review and auditing of all design studies of motorway, interchanges, at-grade intersections, secondary and service roads, including road, hydraulic, electromechanical, signage and vehicle restraint systems, landscaping etc. studies.
  • Evaluation of potential road safety implications of specific design parameters.
  • Preparation of technical report for each stage and project section including identification of road safety issues supported with the background reasoning, recommendations for action to mitigate or to remove the problems, according to British standards HD 19/03.
  • Coordination with the Project owner, the Client, the Independent Engineer and the Design Consultants.