Project Description

PHILIP MORRIS factory in Aspropyrgos (602)




Following the buyout of Papastratos S.A., the primary Hellenic tobacco industry, PHILIP MORRIS invested in the development of a new modern tobacco factory in Aspopyrgos, Attica. The new factory is meant to aggregate all the industrial production of its subsidiary, currently operating in the historical Papastratos S.A. Factory at the port of Pireaus and a number of smaller units in Attica and Etoloakarnania Prefectures.

The new factory is developed on a 210.000m2 field and consists of a complex of 4 major buildings units with a cumulative plan view of 41.000m2 with the provision for future extensions. The new development presents a high degree of vertical integration and produces final product for the market. The firm’s Hellenic Headquarters are also to operate within a separate building of the installation.

Transport related operations include the importing of raw material and semi-final products, exporting of final product, waste etc., personnel trips to and from the works and trips related to the support of the operation (mail, delivery, maintenance, etc.).

Apart form the building and industrial installations, civil works include a considerable internal road network with at-grade intersections and roundabouts designed for the axial loads and turning movements of heavy goods vehicles as well as a fleet of personnel cars corresponding to a 600 places parking lot and other support traffic. (Un)loading docks and associated manoeuvring areas comprise a considerable part of the final paved area.

The development takes place in a location outside the city plan limits with lack of sewage infrastructure. Due to the lack of a convenient final receiver for the stormwater drainage in the close proximity of the factory, final disposal of the internal network and surface drainage has been materialised by the means of a major underground disposal network consisting o 100, 20m deep gravel wells with a volume controlling basin of 9500m3 capacity.

Services provided:

  • Functional planning study.
  • Complete geometrical design of the access systems, the internal circulation network, the maneuvering and (un)loading areas, as well as parking areas. Regulatory Signage Design.
  • Traffic Impact Study for obtaining a license for the parking facilities and provision of technical support for the approval of the study by the Directorate of Road Construction Works (DMEO) of the Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works (YPEHODE).
  • Complete drainage design.
  • Preparation of the tender documents.