Project Description

Grade separation of the Piraeus – Athens – Acharnes railway corridor (449)

1996 – 2002



 The project aimed to the rehabilitation of the Athens Metropolitan Railway Corridor starting from the port of Piraeus until the south entrance of the Acharnes Intermodal Center with a total length of 18km, by the means of:

  • Grade separation of railway corridor and transverse urban arterial road network, in order to improve operational conditions and minimize delays for both the railway and road network operation.
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of the railway infrastructure including the elimination of old metric gauge line and provision of a three or four (depending on the section) standard gauge lines corridor for the whole span through the Metropolitan Area.
  • Functional and infrastructural separation between suburban and interurban operations.
  • Introduction of new intermediate railway stops for suburban railway.
  • Expansion and upgrade of Athens Central Metropolitan Station.

Services provided :

  • Preliminary design of the railway corridor and affected parallel and transverse urban road network from Piraeus Port Station up to the south entrance of the Acharnes Intermodal Centre. The design investigated alternative scenarios of the corridor development in terms of number of tracks and corridor profile, (at grade vs depressed) covering for both staged development and priorities set by the client.
  • Special functional, geometric and access design of Athens Central Metropolitan Station in accordance to the alternative scenarios of the corridor development and in conjunction with the staged development of the Athens inner road ring.
  • Final design of the 8km railway corridor section between Athens Central Station and Acharnes Intermodal Center, along with the affected parallel and transverse urban road network.
  • Preliminary hydraulic and drainage design for the grade separated railway corridor and the affected urban road network.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies and licensing