Project Description

Chania Airport.  Socioeconomic feasibility study (773)

2011 – 2013

Managing Authority of the Operational Programme “Railways, Airports, Public Transport”


Support to the service for the socioeconomic feasibility study and application for financing of the expansion of the terminal of the Chania peripheral airport in the island of Crete, with a current annual traffic of 1.750.000 passengers.

Services provided:

Cost – benefit analysis, including:

  • The transport system of the airport catchment area
  • Trends of aviation development related to the island of Crete
  • Relative position, advantages and limitations of the airport
  • Existing passenger traffic of the airport
  • Traffic forecasts
  • Pricing policy and revenues
  • Analysis of socioeconomic impact
  • Socioeconomic analysis and respective IRR

Financing application

Support to the client