Project Description

AEK FC new football stadium (803, 805)




The project objective is the development of a modern football stadium with a capacity of 32.000 spectators meeting the standards of category 4 FIFA/UEFA ELITE stadiums in a 30.000 m2 plot in the Nea Philadelphia area. It will include a Hellenic Refugees Museum and the Team’s Museum. The project will be combined with an urban rehabilitation and transport infrastructure improvement programme in the vicinity of the facility. Parking areas for the stadium are developed at its basement level and are only for VIPs and athletes

Services provided :

  • Access, internal circulation and parking design at preliminary and final design stage
  • Preliminary and final design of urban rehabilitation by means of depressing and covering the urban arterial adjacent to the stadium plot and integrating the stadium surrounding area with the historic centre of the conurbation of Nea Filadelfia and the adjacent park.
  • Flood protection and storm-water drainage design.
  • Traffic management study for the area affected by the new stadium and the interventions to the transport infrastructure.
  • Traffic Impact Assessment study and licensing Environmental Impact Assessment study and Licensing of the interventions in the urban infrastructure.